Hangout Doctrine Review – Is It For Real?

Hangout Doctrine Review Bonus

Hangout Doctrine


Robert Stukes and Ryan Mckinney of Daredevil Marketing are launching a new product called Hangout Doctrine on April 21st 2014.

We’ll be providing an in depth review along the way – so stay tuned.

But first, what the heck is a Hangout?

A Google hangout is a quick way of messaging and making video calls. It is a platform that was developed by Google in 2003. Google had also implemented 3 messaging products services that were replaced by the hangouts. These included talk, Google+ messenger and hangouts as well as video chats. Google hangouts have also been stated as the future of Google telephony product, Google voice as well as an integration of various capabilities of hangouts from Google Voice. A Google Hangout is therefore an online meeting where one can interact with various individuals at the same time. As such, the whole world can get into a conversation at the same time unless one wants to keep things secretly whereby they can have personal conversations.

hangoutlogo1Starting Hangouts

For individuals to start their own conversations and invite others, they need to ensure that their microphones and cameras are working well. They will thus enable live broadcasts and enable Hangout on Air. However, all individuals joining hangouts should be signed in with Google accounts for participation. Google Hangouts have been made easy by the fact that most businesses have to promote their products. They have therefore become familiar due to continued use in the following ways.

Provide killer customer support

Most business people have realized how Google Hangouts can be used to solve problem and provide satisfactory customer services. For instance, making video chats builds trust with customers. This is because they will be able to see each other.

Connecting with community

Through Google Hangout chats, people are able to connect with each other for informal chats. As such, participants feel free to ask questions and provide opinions for the success of the business. Topics such as motivation, the art to ask questions, taking action and facing fears are drives to success that can be enhanced by Google Hangouts.

Video interviews 

Online interviews can as well be conducted by the use of Google Hangouts. For instance, facebook and other social media have been used for job advertisements and once applications are done, interviews are conducted online. This makes both the existing and potential customers proud to belong to and organization of choice.

Online coaching sessions

Online coaching as well as training sessions can easily be done through Google Hangouts. Clients can thus be helped by experts to work on resumes, use the social media for job searches and carry out negotiations about their career changes.